Hans Dieter Pearcey

221 Brown Road
Wexford, PA 15090

Well-rounded software engineer with experience in web, network, database, and system programming
Twelve years of Perl, including Moose, DBIx::Class, and Plack/PSGI
Active participant in the Perl community through presentations, mailing lists, irc, and published modules
Accustomed to version control and test-driven development

Work Experience

Grant Street Group
Pittsburgh, PA

Grant Street Group creates customized Software as a Service for financial institutions and government entities.

Software Developer (7/2009-present)

I am one of the developers on TaxSys.

OpenSourcery, LLC
Portland, OR

OpenSourcery provides custom software development and support using open source tools.

Software Engineer (7/2008-6/2009)

I was the lead developer on elementalClinic (emC).

I also worked on a number of other projects, using primarily Perl, but also JavaScript and Ruby.

IC Group, Inc.
Philadelphia, PA

IC Group operates Pobox (email forwarding, spam protection) and Listbox (mailing lists, email marketing).

CTO (2004-2008)

I took over as technical lead when the founder/CTO left to work on other projects and to start another company.

Sysadmin/Programmer (2002-2004)

When I arrived, there were 7 different operating systems and versions in use. I standardized on Debian/stable and devised a packaging and configuration system flexible enough to handle any remaining heterogeneity.

University of Pennsylvania, School of Engineering and Applied Science
Philadelphia, PA

Systems Programmer (2001)

SEAS had a number of Solaris 7 machines that students and faculty used for email, classwork, and a variety of projects.

Transaction Network Services, Inc.
Herndon, VA

Intern (2000)

TNS handles millions of credit card transactions daily. When I worked there, they were in the process of converting from SCO UNIX to Linux (Red Hat).

Open Source

Technical Skills

12 years

12 years



Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Blacksburg, VA